List of Major Equipments

In terms of physical capacity, DREDGE BANGLA LTD is a leader in the country possessing the following equipment in its inventory: -

Serial No Item Quantity
01 Cutter Suction Dredger(20") 2 Nos.
02 Cutter Suction Dredger(14") 1 no.
03 Cutter Suction Dredger(12") 1 no.
04 Suction dredgers (12" dia) 16 nos.
05 Unloading platform (12" dia) 14 nos.
06 High capacity dredge pump (Warman, Australia) 3
07 High capacity dredge pump (GIW, USA) 05
08 Local Pump 25
09 Sand carrying boat 32 nos.
10 Pipeline 12" dia 1,18,000 rft
11 Flexible Pipe 7,000 rft
12 Floating workshop 1 no.
13 Booster Station 8 nos.

Along with river dredging these equipment are able to perform task from sand lifting from river bed and discharging to sand carrying boats, sand transported by the boats to hundreds of kilometer away and discharging the sand with the help of unloading system based on water slurry principle to the destination through any complex pipeline system, if necessary with the help of indigenously developed boosting system which eliminates the complexity of synchronization of pumps. The company also has developed a full-fledged dockyard at Fatullah, Narayanganj.

DBL realized that execution of any dredging or land filling project does required only equipment but good planning as well as execution. Thus DBL has developed a pool of professionals required for the range of activities beginning from planning to efficient operation and maintenance of equipment.