WELCOME TO Dredge Bangla (Pvt.) Limited

Dredge Bangla (Pvt.) Limited (DBL) incorporated in 23rd September 1999 as a private limited company. The objective of the company is primarily to help the nation to retrieve its old heritage of river transportation and thrive the economy as a whole by making all major rivers of the land navigable round the year.

Bangladesh is a riverside country. Originating from the Himalayas, these rivers cross hundreds and thousands of kilometers before entering Bangladesh carrying with it an estimated 3 billion tons of suspended materials settling in the riverbeds in Bangladesh causing serious situation. The riverbed rise causes flood, bank erosion and drying of riverbed on recession of water causing loss of navigability, agricultural productivity, fishery resources etc. and it also damage the environmental balance in country. Dredging of rivers, canals, khals and other water bodies is the only means of overcoming the situation and should be the most urgent necessity of the country.More


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